Virtual Clubs

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Music Exploration

(K-1st grade)

Hello Music Explorer! Your child will be exposed to a variety of instruments, music genres, and where each individually originated from. Enrolling your child in Music Exploration gives your child the opportunity to advance their skills for school readiness. Through music students can improve their literacy, language, listening skills, and focus. Music is smart, encouraging, and joyful, your student will enjoy exploring music!

Spanish 101

( 1st- 2nd grade)

Bienvenidos! Your child will learn Spanish basics, such as greetings, important phrases, sounds and patterns. Exposing your child to a new language will improve their cognitive development as it opens the doors to memorization and focus skills. Also, students will gain culture awareness, and a better understanding of the English language! Fun fact, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States. Your student will have fun seeing their world through the different lens a new language can offer.

Global Animal Expedition

(1st - 3rd grade)

In this club your child will dive into the animal kingdom and discover the importance of taking care of our planet . Students will become environmentally aware of how the health of our environment affects our animals and world. Through this expedition your child will enhance their skills in emotional intelligence, self-regulation and critical thinking. Your student will have the chance to become a leader in our community as they will learn how to contribute for the greater good of our environment.

Mad Scientist

(2nd-3rd grade)

Your child will learn how science has provided an understanding of the world and the knowledge to create unique inventions that have helped humanity progress! Students will explore the natural and chemical sciences by conducting experiments. In this scientific journey students will learn how to collaborate, observe, and problem solve! Your child will utilize their critical thinking skills and creativity to test the world of science.

Entrepreneur Club

(2nd-8th grade)

In a world of innovation, creativity is the fuel for new ideas! In this club your child will be encouraged to be creative and attentive as they will learn what it takes to create a small business. Your future entrepreneur will learn about business tactics and advertising tips. The Entrepreneur club provides your student with the space to be creative, improve their work ethic, enhance their critical thinking and speaking skills! Kids across the globe have invented products and have their own small business . Your child can be the next successful entrepreneur!

Comic Book Club

(4th-6th grade)

Kapow! Your child's artistic skills will be demonstrated through the art of drawing and writing. Students will be constructing their own comic book, as they will have the power to invent a distinctive Superhero with, out of this world super powers. Comic book club will not only spark imagination and creativity in your child; but it will benefit their learning skills in sequencing, story telling, and critical thinking. This club will give students the chance to become comic book writers!

Black Box Theatre

(4th-6th grade)

Acting brings out an individual's personality and illuminates their imagination. Your child will be guided through the world of entertainment. They will participate in acting exercises, and learn about the difference between commercial acting and theatre acting. Your child will practice script reading and have the chance to create their very own acts, short commercials and more! Black Box Theatre will enhance your child's motor skills through memorization, listening, and focus. Your child will enjoy the world of art and entertainment as they grow as individuals too.

Animation Creation

(4th-8th grade)

Your child's wildest dreams and imagination are invited to come to life. Animation Creation will give your child the creative space to produce unique, mythical creatures and characters. Students will use sketches of their fictional character to guide them as they will use clay to mold their creature into existence. Your child will become innovative, as they will be inspired to keep a growth mindset! Students will learn how extraordinary their mind is when there are no limits to their imagination!

Female Empowerment

(5th-8th grade)

Every individual deserves to feel empowered, encouraged, and inspired to reach their goals. Female Empowerment's purpose is to teach students about important female figures who have made a difference throughout history and emphasize the important movements that helped our society progress. It is critical that our children are socially aware of the inequalities some communities have faced and continue to face. Also, we want to remind children that their voice and existence matters, they can make a difference in our society. Female Empowerment offers your student a diverse safe space to learn and grow as an individual. This club will strengthen your child's emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and social awareness. Let your child make the difference this world needs.

Public Speaking

(5th-8th grade)

Communication is the backbone to our society. Public speaking gives individuals the chance to form connections, inspire others, and motivate change.In this club your child will learn three types of public speaking in everyday life; informative, persuasive, and entertaining. Students will be encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions, as they will also be reminded to respect others who might think differently. In this club your child will develop critical thinking skills, verbal and nonverbal skills, and leadership abilities. Your child will feel accomplished and confident when they successfully overcome their fear of public speaking.

Shaping My Feelings

(5th-8th grade )

There is nothing more important to childhood development than self-expression. Children who do not have an environment with love, respect, and compassion will find it difficult to express themselves and will often experience different mental and emotional pitfalls. Shaping My feelings wants to provide your child the space to express their feelings, thoughts, and emotions through art. Students will be able to discuss their emotions and vent through painting and molding clay. This club will give your child communication skills, self awareness, and enhance their emotional intelligence. Lets normalize feelings by teaching our children how to identify and cope with their emotions!

Music Exploration 201

(6th-8th grade)

Music has the power to culturally, morally, and emotionally impact our society. In Music Exploration 201 your child will be analyzing contemporary music as they investigate the purpose and meaning behind distinct songs. Throughout history we have seen artists use their music to raise awareness amongst social injustices. Student swill be exposed to music that helped progress social movements. Through this club students can strengthen their emotional intelligence abilities, critical thinking skills, and their social awareness. Your child will enjoy expanding their knowledge through music!

Virtual College Tour

(8th-12 grade)

In this club your student will virtually explore college campuses found in California and campuses that are out of the state.Students will learn about the distinctive programs each school has to offer and the majors they have. Most students who have the plan to go to college feel overwhelmed with the information they come across online. However, in this club we want to offer your student the opportunity to visit and learn about campuses from the comfort of their home before they make an executive decision.